Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

If you’ve been searching for a super-automatic espresso machine, you will notice there are not many credible options to choose from. However, if you must choose one that really stands out, it would be without a doubt the Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine. This impressive espresso machine offers a combination of high saturation, energy efficiency and automation. The Aroma G2 grinder and the PEP pump are two of Jura D6’s most well-known features.

Jura D6 Drinks

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This machine is unique in that it the entire process is automated, including keeping the machine clean and frothing the milk. It is possible to make all the different variations of coffee beverages with it.

This type of machine, however, may be too difficult to operate for some people. In addition, there isn’t much room for manual frothing, and it also takes up a lot of counter space.

Is it worth the price? We take a deeper look at the Jura D6 and provide an in-depth solution to that topic.


Get the most taste and aroma out of your coffee.
Cleaning and upkeep are automated.
It comes with a burr grinder and a bean hopper.
This product is ideal for usage in business environments.
It’s perfect for a variety of coffees.
Frothing and steaming are automated.


More counter space is required but limited top clearance.
Pre-ground coffee can’t be used.

Jura D6
Jura D6

Exclusive to Jura

Jura has developed several innovations that are exclusive to the brand. Here are a few examples of Jura’s exclusive technologies:

Aroma G2: Jura’s burr grinders use Aroma G2 technology to give the coffee grounds a more saturated aroma. The grinder’s blades are designed to retain as much aroma and flavors as possible.

PEP: Jura’s unique Pulse Extraction Process extracts a very high percentage of the flavor from the ground coffee. The result is perfectly even, saturated coffee in your cup.

ESM: Jura’s Energy Saving Model (ESM) is used to reduce energy losses and ensures total usage is kept to a minimum.
CLEARYL Filter: Juta uses a CLEARYL filter to keep the water pure. This removes unpleasant flavors and odors while also preventing scale from forming in the water.

IWS: The IWS technology alerts you when the CLEARYL filter needs to be replaced.


When using an espresso machine, it is often a challenge to keep the great taste and quality of your coffee. With the Jura D6, however, this is not an issue. It employs a proprietary Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) to ensure the texture and aroma is perfect every time.

This is because the burr grinder incorporates Jura’s Aroma G2 features. It’s CLEARYL water filter ensures that water entering the tubes is kept fresh and pure. This prevents unwanted flavor and odor from reaching your coffee while also reducing scale build-up.

Jura D6 Drinks

Features and Functions of the JURA D6

At the lower end of the price range of JURA coffee machines, the D6 doesn’t boast the same technically advanced features as some of its more expensive counterparts. However, this automatic coffee maker produces outstanding specialty coffees despite its more modest design. And compared to many other brands’ high-end models, the D6 outperforms them every time. Let’s explore some of the exceptional features and functions this little machine offers.

User-Friendly Display and Rotary Switch

With the D6, it’s doubtful that you’ll get flustered or frustrated while operating it. Although innovative and sophisticated in its function and design, this appliance is easy to use. The display is simple, and there is a single, multi-functional rotary switch. There’s no need to mess around with multiple buttons or read complicated manuals. You operate the machine and its programming by turning, pressing, holding, or releasing the rotary switch. The coffeemaker will also alert you when maintenance needs to be carried out.

Jura D6 Rotary Switch

Pulse Extraction Process Technology (P.E.P.)

The JURA-patented P.E.P. works to evoke maximum flavor and aroma from the coffee beans used with its automatic coffee machines. And although the D6 may be considered one of JURA’s budget appliances, it still contains this ingenious technology, enabling you to extract the most out of your chosen coffee beans.

The hot water is forced through the ground coffee beans at precise, calculated intervals during this process. The result? The ultimate in flavor and aroma, rendering your chosen cup of coffee as perfect as can be. All you need to do is set the relevant program and sit back as the machine does all the work for you. It’s the most effortless way to make the ideal bean brew.

The D6 also boasts an integrated intelligent pre-brew system. It works by firstly ensuring the coffee beans are immersed in precisely the correct amount of water. This is a crucial first step on the road to a faultless coffee drink. The ideal level of infusion is achieved, leading to optimal P.E.P. and, ultimately, a beverage that’ll impress even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

Drinks Programming

As the D6 is an entry-level automatic coffee maker, it can only prepare a limited amount of coffee styles, such as cappuccino, espresso, or Americano. Yes, this may come as a disappointment to some with lofty ambitions of creating a wide array of coffees. However, for those looking for a nifty little machine that covers the basics, the Jura D6 is a no-brainer.

The casual coffee drinker will be delighted by the superb quality over quantity the appliance offers. Plus, the D6 allows you to vary the strengths of your coffee brews, select the water or milk amounts to suit your particular taste, and make two drinks simultaneously. You can program the appliance with great ease, turning your coffee-making from amateurish to barista-level in just an instant.

Jura D6 Drinks

The D6’s programmability and adjustability are major selling points. Many other coffee machines (from low end to high) don’t enable you to adjust their drinks programs while the appliance is running. Not so the D6. If you change your mind about the preparation of your coffee mid-run, you can easily modify the settings.

This flexibility includes changes to the amount of water or milk you wish to use and even the strength of your coffee. Alongside the drinks programming, the D6’s program menu also includes its maintenance routines. We’ll take a closer look at these later on.

Wireless Compatibility

Although the JURA D6 does not have built-in Smart Connect, there’s a front compartment that allows you to hook up a JURA Smart Connect receiver. The receiver enables you to use Bluetooth to connect the D6 wirelessly to a compatible accessory, such as the JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E.). This setup will indeed cost you a little bit extra, but it’s worth it if you’re looking to enhance your coffee-making experience.

J.O.E. is an app that allows you to operate your JURA coffee maker using your smartphone, tablet, or smart device such as an Apple Watch. It works with both Android and iOS and brings an extra layer of convenience to an already efficient home coffee-making experience. Want to control the D6 from a different room? With J.O.E., that wish becomes a reality. Prefer to customize your drinks using your phone? J.O.E. allows you to do that with ease. You just need to ensure that your smartphone or device has the technical requirements and that you hook the D6 up with Smart Connect first.

Jura D6

Grinder and Boiler System

The price level of the D6 reflects the fact that it only contains a single boiler and a conical, stainless steel burr grinder. However, although the D6’s grinder is small, it’s mighty. It’s equipped with the ability to grind at five different levels—perfect for lovers of coffee who wish to own a sophisticated, automatic machine for the first time.

You’re able to adjust the grind of the beans to suit the roast level you’re aiming for with your coffee. Plus, the materials used for the grinder and boiler’s construction are durable and long-lasting, meaning the machine will be serving you superior coffee drinks for years to come.

Milk frothing

You can add milk to your coffee without having to move the cup, as the frothing spout is located right beside the coffee spout. The machine’s fine foam frother is designed to generate the ideal consistency of foam for a cappuccino. You’ll marvel at this little machine’s ability to develop such a creamy yet delicate and light foam to top your favorite cup of Joe. The only downside is that the D6 doesn’t have the capacity to customize the foam to create other types of coffee drinks.

Water and bean container capacities

The JURA D6 was created for use in the home. As such, the capacities of its water and bean containers are suited for coffee drinkers who drink a modest amount of coffee a day. The water tank’s holding capacity is 64 ounces. The bean container’s storage capacity is 7 ounces, and the coffee grounds container retains a maximum of 16 portions. True, the D6 can’t compare with professional or commercial coffee makers in terms of its capacity. But it’s ample for coffee lovers who want to create around 10 cups of coffee with one tank. And that sounds pretty impressive to us!

The Drinks

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty—the types of different coffee drinks the JURA D6 is capable of creating. In total, the machine can make seven specialty drinks. These include cappuccinos, espressos, and three programmable coffees. No matter what drink you choose, the D6 works to produce an exceptional cup of coffee every time.

If you like your coffee black and strong, the JURA D6 is espresso-ly for you. The JURA’s renowned, precise P.E.P brewing process results in a thorough aroma and taste extraction, creating the ultimate cup of espresso. The result is worth the wait—a deep, delicious crema that can rival that of even the most experienced baristas.

You can also opt for coffees of varying strengths, such as a cup of Americano. The D6 provides the option of choosing from mild, regular, strong, or extra-strength—surely plenty to satisfy the pickiest of coffee drinkers.

The appliance has a height-adjustable coffee spout to accommodate larger cups (perfect for an early morning pick-me-up) and the ability to customize milk and water amounts. You can stop the preparation at any time if you need to make adjustments.

But where the D6 truly excels is with its cappuccinos. If a cappuccino or few a day is your idea of bliss, you’ll be in coffee heaven, thanks to the fine foam frother and the light and creamy foam it produces. The Easy Cappuccino system delivers a delicious hot brew with minimal effort. Simply grab a cup (or two), set the program, and wait for the magic to happen in front of your eyes.

Jura D6 Review

Cleaning and Maintenance

Sure, cleaning out and maintaining household appliances is yet another task that adds to the list of mundane domestic chores. Coffee machines inevitably involve the use of water, milk, and beans, and this, unfortunately, means that they have to be cleaned regularly. But with the Jura D6, a lot of the hassle associated with keeping coffee machines pristine, hygienic, and workable order is kept to a minimum. Yes, you’ll still have to regularly clean and rinse the appliance and its components. But the system makes the process easier and less time-consuming.

Suppose you’re using your D6 machine regularly. In that case, JURA recommends that the drip tray and coffee grounds container are washed daily with warm water, and the water tank is rinsed with clean water. You’ll also need to clean the fine foam frother and milk pipe each day, along with wiping the whole machine down with a soft, damp cloth.

Now and then, you’ll be required to change the milk pipe and milk spout—usually every three months. You’ll also need to clean the inside of the water tank with a brush and the cup platform to eliminate coffee and milk traces that tend to accumulate on its top and bottom. The coffee bean container will have to be cleaned with a dry cloth to eliminate oil traces left by the coffee beans over time.

If this all sounds like too much, don’t worry! The great news is that the system is automatically rinsed when the coffee’s been made and the machine switched off. The appliance will also prompt you if the milk system needs to be cleaned. The JURA D6 comes with integrated maintenance programs which will alert you when these need to be activated. These are for the foam frother, the cleaning of the whole machine, and descaling. JURA has cleaning tablets to use for the milk system and the device as a whole, and if you use the CLEARYL Smart filter, you can keep the need to descale down to the bare minimum.

All in all, the appliance will guide you regarding maintenance and cleaning. As long as you do your bit to keep the machine clean, it’ll serve up delicious coffee drinks for a long time to come.

Jura D6 Coffee Machine

Additional Features

If you think that you now know everything about the D6, think again! This incredible machine offers two other features that ensure you can get the most out of your coffee making. These additional features are the G2 Grinder and Energy Save Mode. The former ensures that the optimum aroma and flavor are preserved in the coffee grounds, while the latter is more self-explanatory.

The Aroma G2 Grinder takes your coffee tasting experience to the next level. This clever innovation by JURA ensures that your coffee drinks are made as flavorsome as possible by extracting 12% more aroma from the coffee beans. It’ll leave you asking the machine, “Where have you bean all my life?”

If the thought of the JURA D6’s 1450 wattage brings you out in a sweat, you’ll be pleased to know that you can actually keep your energy costs low by using this machine. As it enters standby mode, the device will automatically cut its power consumption. All you have to do is revert to the Zero Energy switch to ensure that you can enjoy your daily caffeine infusions without breaking the bank.

In addition to these important functions, the JURA D6 has many other advanced features. One example is Thermoblocking, ensuring that the machine doesn’t overheat. Another function is its Intelligent Water System, serving to filter the appliance’s water supply automatically. For a coffee maker of this price and quality, these functions are simply brew-ti-ful.

Platinum vs. Black Jura D6
Platinum vs. Black Jura D6

The Benefits

As you can tell, we’re big fans of the JURA D6. One of its main advantages is its plain text display that makes operating the machine easy, convenient, and effortless. The rotary switch is turned to select your coffee of choice. Then you just push the button and wait for the D6 to do what it does best—serve up the perfect brew.

The D6 is programmable so that even the pickiest of coffee drinkers can create their perfect beverage. You can customize coffee strength, water and milk volume, temperature, and the milk flow time for cappuccinos. The ability to personalize what may initially seem like a limited number of coffee drinks is one aspect that really sets the D6 apart from other machines in a similar price bracket.

For a machine of its size (11 inches in width, 13.6 inches in height, and 16.3 inches in depth), the JURA D6 contains an impressive capacity for more than ten six-ounce cups of coffee at a time. The Aroma G2 grinder ensures that the perfect degree of roast for your coffee will be achieved. Being able to adjust the grind size is just one more thing to love about this sleek little appliance.

There’s an additional door on the top of the machine where the JURA Cleaning Tablet is deposited when the device requires a thorough clean. Why is this so welcome? You don’t need to remove lots of components to clean out the whole machine. Less cleaning equals more time for coffee drinking!

The Jura D6 contains a coffee grounds container attached to the drip tray, and this is where the used coffee goes after brewing. The drip tray is ideally located to catch any spills. The container and tray will help keep your kitchen countertop clean. They’re both simple to remove for cleaning, and the device will alert you when this needs to be done.

And for those who like to keep their home ticking along using apps, you can connect the JURA D6 to JURA Smart Connect. This setup allows you to control the coffee maker using the J.O.E. app from any smartphone or device. It’s a coffee lover’s dream—you can get your steaming hot cuppa Joe ready before you’ve even got out of bed.

We’ve given you the lowdown on the D6, its features, and its advantages. Now let’s take a brief glimpse into how it compares with some of its JURA counterparts.

Jura Coffee Machines

Jura D4 vs. D6

Some might consider the fact that the Jura D6 can’t use pre-ground coffee as a distinct disadvantage. If that’s you—don’t despair! The Jura D4 might be the coffee maker for you, instead. Like the D6, the D4 produces top-notch coffee brews. However, it can use pre-ground coffee to create sensational cups of the hot stuff.

Jura D4
Jura D4

But if you’re looking to add milk frothing to your coffee drinks with the D4, you’ll have to think again. Although the D4 and D6 are very similar in their design and basic functioning, the former only serves up espresso or black coffee. Sadly, this means if you’re a cappuccino lover, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Both models are at the lower end of the price scale. So, for coffee purists who believe adding milk foam to their beverages is sacrilege, they can’t go wrong with the D4. Like the D6, it offers superior aroma and taste, simple-to-use functions, and sleek and discreet design. Regarding quality, ease-of-use, and convenience, the D4 can easily rival its milky counterpart.

Jura E6 vs. D6

The most significant difference between the JURA D6 and the E6 is their size. Offering the same fabulous features and functions as the D6, the E6 boasts a larger coffee bean capacity. The appliance would make a great addition to an office or workplace or a home where large amounts of coffee tend to be consumed on a daily basis.

Jura E6
Jura E6

The E6 boasts all the outstanding innovative technology of the D6, such as P.E.P., automatic milk frothing, the simple yet effective display and functioning—but with a larger capacity. Both appliances use 64-ounce water tanks, but the E6 can hold up to 10 ounces of beans (compared to the D6’s seven ounces). Plus, the E6 lords it over the D6 with its seven grind settings.

The main downside to the E6 is its price tag. You’re definitely paying for the appliance’s larger capacity. So, if size doesn’t matter, it makes more sense to stick with the D6.

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Gaggia Brera Superautomatic vs. JURA D6

Now let’s compare the JURA D6 with another brand altogether. Gaggia is an Italian producer of coffee machines specializing in espresso and cappuccino makers and can be viewed as a more affordable rival to the Swiss-made JURA brand.

Gaggia Brera
Gaggia Brera

The Gaggia Brera is slightly smaller than the D6, equipped with a 40-ounce water reservoir (compared to the D6’s 64 ounces). This smaller capacity means that if you like to keep a supply of coffee on hand, you’ll need to keep refilling the tank.

However, the Brera outshines the D6 regarding its grinder and bean hopper. Rather than being made of stainless steel, the Brera’s burr grinder is made from superior ceramic. Plus, its Smart System allows for automatic fine-tuning of the grind settings—ideal for creating a cup of coffee according to your specific requirements.

The two models are easy to clean and maintain and offer a similar number of basic drink varieties. But the Brera is far more affordable, and therefore may be a wiser option if you’re looking to save money but still want a high-quality automatic coffee maker.

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Who Should Buy It (and Who Shouldn’t)

With any JURA machine, you’re undoubtedly guaranteed quality and excellence. But there are several factors you need to consider before purchasing any of the models. And one of the main considerations is your budget. JURA produces automatic coffee machines of varying price ranges.

Obviously, the higher-end models will contain more extensive water and bean capacities and provide more features, functions, and drink options. But suppose you’re after a reliable coffee maker with innovative features and a comparably affordable price tag. In that case, the JURA D6 is a viable option.

However, the JURA D6 does have its limitations, most notably how many people it can serve in one day. If you’re after an automatic coffee machine that can hold enough water and beans to provide drinks for 20 or more people daily, then this little machine isn’t for you. In other words, it’s not the ideal purchase for an office, workplace, or home where numerous people consume multiple cups of the hot stuff.

Jura D6 Coffee Machine

If you’re part of a small family or a household where no more than five people wish to use the coffee maker, the Jura D6 will serve you well. In that case, the device will cater to most coffee lovers’ needs, providing delicious cups of cappuccinos, espressos, or Americanos.

While it’s true that the JURA D6 is comparatively cheaper than other higher-end JURA models or brands, some may balk at shelling out just over $1,000 for a coffee machine. Suppose you’re not concerned about purchasing a coffee maker with too many bells and whistles. In that case, it may be worth considering a few other machines JURA has to offer. For instance, the JURA A1 does a fine job of satisfying caffeine cravings, serving up three coffee specialties, including espresso and ristretto, but for a fraction of the price.


Does the Jura D6 Allow you to Make Lattes?

Yes! As the D6 has a milk spout, you’re able to customize a coffee and transform it into a latte if you wish.

Does the Jura D6 Come With any Kind of Warranty?

Jura coffee machines come with a warranty covering them for two years or up to 6,000 coffee brewings (whichever comes first).

How Many Different Types of Coffee Can the Jura D6 Make?

The Jura D6 serves up seven different kinds of hot drinks, including espresso, coffee, cappuccino, double espresso, and double coffee. You can customize the pre-programmed drinks, changing the coffee strength as well as the amount of milk or water used. You can even make two drinks at the same time. All in all, it’s an incredibly versatile coffee maker.

How Often Does the Jura D6 Have to be Cleaned?

If you’re using your machine every day, it’s recommended that you give it a basic clean every day, too. In other words, rinse out and change the water in the water tank, clean the fine foam frother, rinse the milk pipe and wipe down the machine’s surface daily. More thorough cleaning can be done weekly or monthly, and the D6 will prompt you regarding certain required maintenance. Keeping your JURA machine clean and hygienic will ensure you’ll be able to enjoy delicious coffee brews for years and years.

Jura D6 Coffee Maker
Jura D6 Coffee Maker

Are Jura Coffee Machines Worth Their Price Tag?

Jura coffee machines have a well-established reputation for quality and durability. The entire JURA range is stylish, practical, and long-lasting. Yes, even the “budget” models hover around the $800 mark, but you’re unquestionably paying for excellence in terms of features and functions.

Think about how much money you spend on buying cups of Joe from coffee shops every year, and the upfront expense of a JURA will seem less daunting. And unlike many other brands of automatic coffee makers, JURA machines are built to last—around ten years. Bearing all of these factors in mind, purchasing a JURA coffee machine is worth the money, especially if you’ll be using it daily.

The Takeaway

Do you have fantasies of being your own barista, making specialty coffee drinks in the comfort of your own home? In that case, you may have already heard of the JURA range of coffee-making machines. These Swiss-made appliances come with a justifiably strong reputation for outstanding quality, innovation, and design.

Jura D6 Conclusion

The JURA D6 is a fabulous option for coffee lovers who crave the choice of serving up their favorite beverages in the comfort of their own homes. It’s true that the Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine lacks the variety and functions of some of its more expensive counterparts. Still, for those who want simple yet delicious coffee at the touch of a button, the D6 is the little machine for them. The D6 is an excellent entry-level appliance for beginner home baristas. It’s positioned at the lower end of the JURA price range but without sacrificing quality or durability.

The D6 is the ideal coffee-making companion for smaller households, offering up different coffee options, including espresso and cappuccino. The flexibility and customization it allows are also major pluses. The machine is simple to use and even prompts you when maintenance or cleaning is required. Overall, it’s easy to use, clean, and maintain and serves up quality coffee drinks time after time.

The only downsides are its relatively small size and the fact that the price is quite hefty even though it’s one of JURA “budget” options. However, for anyone who’s dreamed of being their own barista, the Jura D6 will help them make that a reality. We can’t espresso enough how this little automatic coffee maker will be an incredible investment!

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