Jura D6 vs E6 vs Z6 Automatic Coffee Machines

When it comes to automatic espresso machines, there’s one brand that stands out among the rest—Jura. Today, we’re going to compare three Jura coffee machines to show you which one of them belongs on your kitchen countertop. FYI: they’re all fantastic models, and you really can’t go wrong with any one of them.

Jura D6

Pulse Extraction Process

Something that sets Jura espresso machines apart from the rest is proprietary Pulse Extraction Process Technology. P.E.P. shoots out high-pressure bursts of super-heated water through a dense puck of your go-to coffee grounds to ensure maximum flavor and aroma extraction. You’ll find P.E.P. in all three of these Jura machines and many, many more.

Drink Library

When it comes to the drink options that the D6 offers, you won’t find any difference between this machine and the newer E6. Both of these automatic espresso machines offer seven different drink options, including double espresso and double coffee shots.

As for the Z6, you’re looking at nearly twice as many drinks as the D6 and E6. The Z6 lets you create several milk-based drinks, including latte macchiatos, cappuccinos, and ristretto (single and double portions). The Z6 offers 13 total drink options as opposed to the D6 and E6’s seven.

Text Display

The Jura D6 is the most simplistic automatic espresso machine of the three. As such, it doesn’t come with a full-color display like the E6 and Z6. Instead, its display only shows the seven drink options, as well as grind and strength settings, in text form.

Aroma G2 Grinder

Like all of the Jura espresso machines we’re discussing today, the D6 is a bean-to-drink machine that lets you create high-quality coffee and milk-based drinks from scratch. Inside the D6 is an Aroma G2 Grinder, an older version of the G3, which you’ll find in the E6 and Z6.

The main difference between the grinders is that the G2 doesn’t offer as much fine-tunability as the G3. This means your drink’s aroma and strength can be “weaker” compared to the other two. That said, it’s still a high-quality built-in grinder, and most users won’t even notice a huge impact.

Jura E6

Coffee Strength Settings

When it comes to making your golden cup of java in the morning, you’ll want as much customizability as possible. This will allow multiple users to create a mug of hot coffee in the morning that’s fine-tuned to their tastes.

The Jura E6 features eight unique different coffee strength settings as opposed to the D6’s four. The additional strength settings let you tweak your first brew to become as palatable as possible without over or under-strengthening your drink. The Z6, on the other hand, has ten strength settings.

Spout Clearance

The D6 and E6 have about the same spout adjustability. They can both reach heights of about 4.4 inches, while the Z6 can produce six inches of clearance simply by sliding the brew group upward. In addition, the D6 and E6 don’t come with dedicated cappuccino spouts, while the Z6’s cappuccino spout can also reach heights of six inches for large mugs or small tumblers.

Water Tank Capacity

How large the automatic espresso machine’s reservoir is will determine how many cups of coffee you can get in a single refill. The D6 and E6 have identical water reservoirs that measure up to 63.6 ounces at most. The Z6 is nearly twice as large with an 81-ounce tank. The D6 and E6 offer around 16 cups of coffee per tank, whereas the Z6 can make 20 before you need to refill the reservoir.

The good news is that all three of these machines rely on identical RFID water filters that remove and store hard minerals from the water, leaving a less mineral-y taste after each brew. Because the filters have chips, they’ll alert you when you need to replace them. No more guesstimating when you need to swap out the water filter for a new one!

Jura Z6

Decaf Chute

What’s most surprising about the D6 and E6 machines is that neither of them comes with a dedicated chute for pre-grinded coffee grounds. The good news is that the Z6 does. Essentially, if you’re a fan of decaf or have your beans pre-grinded at a specialty shop, you dump them through the dedicated chute to make your golden cup of coffee.

The powdered coffee chute also lets you pop in a descaling tablet into the machine every so often. This tablet prevents calcium buildup over time, which can affect your coffee’s flavor, aroma, and body. Make sure you give the paperwork a good read to determine how often you need to descale your Z6.

Customizable Drink Settings

As the most recent espresso machine of the three, the Z6 comes with features that you won’t find in the other two. For instance, the Z6 lets you create drinks and save your settings for quick access every morning. You won’t have to manually adjust the grind’s coarseness, strength, or aroma every time you wish you brew a cup for the road.

The customizability of this machine lets you invent unique recipes! Whether you want a milk-based drink in the morning or something stronger for the road, all you have to do is create a drink setting, save it, and select it every time.

J.O.E. Compatibility

If you’re anything like us, you want your milk-based coffee drink ready for you by the time you get up in the morning. While all three of these machines can produce the perfect cup of coffee in under 60 seconds, wouldn’t it be nice if your steaming hot cup of coffee was waiting for you and not vice versa?

Thanks to the JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E.) dongle, this is no longer a dream! All three of these automatic espresso machines are compatible with the add-on that lets you connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to the device. As long as you have a cup or mug sitting under the brew group, you can prepare your machine to make your ideal cup of coffee as you get ready in the morning.

Jura D6

Jura E6

Jura Z6


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