Jura E8 vs S8 vs Z8 vs ENA 8 Automatic Coffee Makers

When it comes to automatic coffee makers, no company makes a better machine than Jura. Today, we’re going to compare four of Jura’s automatic coffee makers—the E8, the S8, the Z8, and the ENA 8—to see which of them belongs in your coffee bar. Spoiler alert: any Jura-made coffee machine you choose will leave send your taste buds to heaven.

Jura E8

Pulse Extraction Process

You’ll find that all Jura automatic coffee maker comes with P.E.P. Technology. To put it simply, P.E.P. maximizes the extraction process to produce the greatest espressos possible, akin to those you’d find at high-end coffee shops. P.E.P. shoots high-pressure water through coffee grounds in short intervals, allowing flavors to perfectly meld together with just the right amount of delicious crema on top. You’ll find that this technology really sets Jura apart from the rest.

2.8-inch Display with Single-Touch Operation

The Jura E8 is far from being the brand’s most feature-packed, high-tech model. As such, its display is not up to snuff, at least by today’s standards. That said, the E8’s 2.8-inch color display is a lot better-looking than the displays on many non-Jura models, and with single-touch operation, all you need to do is scroll through the 17 different drink options, tap a button, and wait for the brewing unit to do its thing.

Bean-to-Brewer Machine

Another thing worth noting is many Jura machines—the E8, S8, Z8, and ENA 8 included—are bean-to-brewer machines. This means that they feature built-in coffee grinders to turn your favorite beans into the perfect grounds for top-quality brews. However, if you’re a fan of decaf, you’ll be happy to know that these machines come with a pre-ground bypass that perfectly compacts your grounds for the best extraction, strength, and aroma.

One-Touch Lungo Function

One of the more interesting features you’ll find in the E8, as well as the Z8, is One-Touch Lungo. This function combines hot water with long coffees while preparing the drink to optimize extraction and produce a full-bodied, aromatic drink.

Jura S8

Double-Shot Preparation

The S8 is unique from the other Jura machines in this comparison by how it comes with a variable brewing unit. This unit allows you to program the machine to produce double-shot drinks in one go. If a single 5-gram drink doesn’t satisfy your caffeine craving, the S8 lets you brew a 16-gram drink for the road.

Customizable Strength, Temperature, and Water Levels

One of the greatest things about Jura automatic coffee makers is their customizability. While they come with several drink options that you can scroll through on their color displays, you’re free to adjust how strong you want your coffee, the temperature of the water, and how much coffee you want your machine to make per pull. The versatility of these machines really places them several levels above most competitors.

Saves and Copies Recipes

After customizing your specialized drink, you can save your unique recipe in the S8’s memory. That way, you don’t have to manually select scroll through the various customizable options every time you need a caffeine boost. Talk about convenience!

Fine-Foam Technology

On the righthand side of the automatic coffee maker, you’ll find the milk spout with a Fine-Foam Frother G2. This unique device lets you adjust just how frothy you want your milk to give your drink more body and delicious creaminess. However, making latte art with your S8 is simply out of the question.


Like all Jura machines that come with a pre-ground bypass chute, you can pop a descaling tablet through the chute to clean the entire unit, including the inside of the brewing unit, to prevent calcium buildup from taking over. You pretty much have to drop a tablet once every couple of months to ensure that your machine makes top-notch coffee without any of the chalkiness from hard water.

Jura Z8

21-Drink Library

Out of all of the machines in today’s comparison, the Jura Z8 offers the most specialty drink options. With a 21-drink library, which includes double-shots of your favorite coffee-based drinks, as well as savable customizability, you’re looking at one of Jura’s most versatile machines. There’s definitely something for everyone if you have a Z8 sitting in your coffee bar.

Active Bean Monitoring

Perhaps what’s most surprising about Jura is how long it took them to implement Active Bean Monitoring technology in their automatic coffee makers. Active Bean Monitoring constantly weighs the remaining beans sitting in the hopper, so whenever it runs low, you’ll know when to top it off. From the four machines in today’s comparison, there are only two that come with this feature—the Z8 and the S8.

4.3-Inch Touchscreen

The 2.8-inch color display of the E8 is great and all, but do you know what’s even better? A larger touchscreen display, which is exactly what this machine comes with. The 4.3-inch, full-color display lets you select your drink by tapping the screen. To be honest, it doesn’t improve performance at all, but if you want an aesthetically pleasing appliance for your coffee bar, this is it.

10 Milk and Milk Foam Levels

Let’s not ignore just how fantastic the Z8’s frothing unit is. The HP3 milk system with interchangeable spouts can be programmed to deliver ten different levels of hot, foamy milk. If you want something a little frothier or if you like your milk straight-up, this device can do both and everything in between.

Jura ENA 8

J.O.E. Support

The ENA 8, as well as the rest, has J.O.E. Support, which lets you connect your coffee maker to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This lets you send instructions to your coffee maker from afar so that your drink is fully prepared by the time you’re ready to drink.

CLEARYL Smart Filter

Jura’s water reservoirs are protected by an intelligent filter that comes with an RFID chip. When the filter’s lifespan is coming to an end, it’ll warn you when to swap it out for a fresh one. As long as you replace the filter on time, your automatic coffee maker will very rarely require a descaling tablet.

Cylindrical Water Tank

While the cylindrical tank is absolutely lovely, it actually helps keep the size of the ENA 8 to a minimum. This appliance was made for the space-conscious in mind, so it leaves a tiny footprint while taking up very little vertical space. The cost of compactness is fewer servings per tank.


Jura E8

Jura S8

Jura Z8

Jura ENA 8

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