Jura 15145 Automatic Coffee Machine WE8 Review

We know that you want the best for your employees. They work hard, and sitting at a desk all day staring at a screen makes it incredibly easy for fatigue to set in. In our opinion, there is no better way to have them working at their best capacity, and feeling appreciated, than investing in a Jura WE8 Professional Espresso Machine for the office.

Jura 15145 Automatic Coffee Machine WE8 Review

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The Jura 15145 Automatic Coffee Machine WE8 will produce cup after cup of delicious, high-quality coffee to put the spring in their step and rid the sleep from their eyes in the morning.

Not only is it great for employees who need an extra kick, but you will also impress clients with barista-style coffee made at the tap of a button.

The WE8 has blown consumers away with its array of fantastic features and its precise and intuitive functions. This is no surprise, seeing as it comes from a company that is adored by coffee lovers around the world. Jura, a Swiss Company established in the 1930s, is famous for its high-tech and modern creations.

Jura’s fully automatic coffee machines are as modern as it gets, with innovative designs and outstanding technologies. Professionals love what Jura machines put out and having a machine in the office is like having your own personal barista on standby.

Jura 15145 Automatic Coffee Machine WE8
Jura 15145

The WE8 is a great model from Jura’s broad product line. This machine automates the entire coffee-making process from bean to cup. Its large capacity and ability to make multiple cups in a short period of time makes this device particularly ideal for small offices with many thirsty employees to satisfy.

It is also perfect for delighting clients during meetings, as it can please a diverse crowd with its 8 distinct programs and variety of beverage options.

It is highly commendable that Jura has managed to produce coffee machines with such refined technology. Each component appears to be perfectly in sync with every other, and the results are astonishing. It is difficult to believe that the delicious drinks produced by the coffee maker are not done so by the hands of an expert.

Jura 15145 WE8 Review
Jura 15145

Important Features of the Jura WE8

It would take the whole day to set out all the many facets and capabilities of the WE8, but here are some of the most exciting ones to mention:

One-Touch Brewing

At the tap of a button, the WE8 can produce one of 12 specialty drinks of your choice. This occurs within seconds, and you can get back your busy day in a jiffy! It’s so simple that even complete newbies will be whipping up intricate lattes and macchiatos in no time.

Flavor Extraction Optimization

It’s easy to see that the creators at Jura have mastered the brewing system in their machines. The WE8 puts out incredible quality every time using a 15-bar pump and Jura’s signature Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) to enhance the flavor and aroma of every cup of coffee produced.

On-Demand Grinder

The WE8 only begins to grind the coffee beans just before extraction commences, ensuring that as much flavor is extracted as possible, even in a rush. This feature is so important, yet so frequently overlooked in other machines, which are designed to produce coffee quickly at the cost of the flavor.

Jura WE8 Review
Jura 15145

High-Quality Burr Grinder

The WE8 is equipped with the Aroma G3 grinder, designed with carefully cut blades to quickly and efficiently grind the selected coffee beans while preserving as much flavor and aroma throughout the process as possible. The G3 has six grinding levels to choose from so that the user can select the fineness of the grind and, as a result, the strength and richness of their resulting cup of coffee.

Ideal for an Office Setting

Although this machine is great for personal use at home, it is absolutely ideal for a fast-paced office environment. Its 101 oz water tank and 17.6 oz coffee bean reservoir allow the WE8 to make as many as 30 cups of coffee in a row without pausing to be replenished.

The machine is quick in its work so that employees can get back to theirs, and it has a variety of beverage options to suit a variety of tastes.

Customizable Settings

If you happen to be picky when it comes to how you like your coffee, the WE8 has you covered. The user is given total control over the strength of their coffee, the ratio of coffee grounds to water, the amount of milk or froth, and how they would like their drink served altogether.

The display screen will also exclude options that are not frequently selected so as not to clutter the screen. It’s like the machine learns your preferences.

Jura 15145 Coffee Machine
Jura 15145

Automatic Cleaning Process

Another benefit of the WE8 is that it will alert the user when it becomes necessary to clean the unit. It’s one less piece of admin on your mind, as you won’t have to constantly check whether the machine is in need of a rinse. The machine also has many other periodic cleaning routines to make maintenance of the device all the more convenient.

Environmentally Friendly

Since the WE8 makes use of whole coffee beans, the waste product it produces is completely biodegradable and can be added to the compost heap. This is in direct contrast to capsule machines, which use a great deal of plastic. Not only is the WE8 an environmentally conscious choice, but the flavor of bean-to-coffee is objectively superior as well.

Jura Coffee Machine WE8 Review
Jura 15145

Further Features of the WE8

The WE8 can produce the perfect cup of coffee within 60 seconds, and all the user needs to do is press a button. The volume and strength are adjustable, as is the height of the spout to accommodate mugs of various sizes.

Another fun feature is the milk frother, which can be used to create all kinds of delightful latte art. The Pulse Extraction Process will always ensure great flavor and saturation, no matter the drink you choose.

Benefits of the Jura WE8

  1. Easy to operate and user friendly
  2. Capable of creating 12 distinct coffee recipes
  3. Makes use of PEP
  4. Programmable for user preferences
  5. Uses smart technology to purify the water
  6. Quiet and quick
  7. Good capacity for both homes and small office spaces
  8. Smaller carbon footprint than other Jura machines
Jura 15145
Jura 15145

Downsides of the Jura WE8

  1. Has a plastic exterior
  2. Uses up a lot of counter space
  3. Milk spout situated far away from the coffee spout
  4. Fingerprint-magnet


The Jura WE8 provides outstanding value for money due to its high-efficiency functionality and the variety of drinks it is able to produce. It is ideal for office spaces, in particular, due to its high capacity and overall effectiveness. Although the machine’s exterior is made of plastic and may, therefore, be subject to wear and tear, with frequent maintenance and adherence to the alerts displayed by the machine, it should last a long time. Just don’t drop it!

Jura 15145 Automatic Coffee Machine WE8 Review
Jura 15145

With the combination of PEP and the Aroma G3 grinder, you can be sure that you are getting flavorful and high-quality coffee every time. With the milk frother, delicate and delicious lattes will be produced at the tap of a button. The Jura WE8 Coffee Maker is like a café in your cubicle!

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