Jura 15089 GIGA W3 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Every single product in the Jura line provides one thing for sure: quality. No matter which particular model you choose, you’ll never have to wonder if you’re going to get a good cup of coffee out. It’s inevitable! Therefore, if you are trying to choose between the vast array of coffee machines Jura has to offer, then the only yardstick you could possibly need to determine the right machine for you are your own circumstances and preferences.

Jura 15089 GIGA W3

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Jura produces the best of the best when it comes to espresso machines. This Swiss company has been at it for decades and, at this stage, they have clearly mastered the art. The only downside of guaranteed quality is the cost. Jura products are far from cheap, so those on a budget may not find an affordable option.

For example, the Jura 15089 GIGA W3 model is not a purchase that will be gentle on your bank account. In fact, this particular model happens to be one of the priciest. The price may even seem excessive, at first glance. However, after one try of this incredibly designed machine, many users will understand the price.

The Jura GIGA W3 is made with experts in mind but with humble coffee lovers at heart. The machine is of commercial quality and has capacities that go far beyond mere personal use. As such, if you have a big family or an office full of fatigued employees and clients to impress, this model is the ideal choice.

Jura 15089 GIGA W3 Review
Jura 15089 GIGA W3

The W3 is capable of producing hundreds of beverages at a time, in a variety of styles well beyond bland, black coffee. It provides the option of 43 distinct drinks to choose from, including some of the most popular choices of actual baristas.

As impressive as that sounds, you may be wondering if the experience of using the GIGA W3 isn’t a tad overwhelming. Hardly! In fact, the W3 is fully automatic, handing each and every type of drink from bean to cup with minimal effort on your end. Even cleaning and descaling the bulky machine is as easy as can be with Jura’s signature self-cleaning system.

Features of the Jura GIGA W3

Efficient and Powerful Design

Whether the W3 is being used for offices, public spaces, or personal use, you’ll get more than you could ask for on account of the model’s powerful design. It can handle cup after cup without pause or fault, making it great for restaurants and private homes alike.

Jura 15089 GIGA W3 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine, Silver
Jura 15089 GIGA W3

Popular Drink Types

Another great aspect of the Jura 15089 GIGA W3 is the variety. Capable of tackling anything from simple espresso shots all the way to extravagant lattes, this machine is like having your own personal barista in your kitchen. The touchscreen display panel grants the user access and choice to all 43 kinds ofcoffee, 12 of which are designed by professionals. It is also programmable so that the user can set their own preferences.

Adjustable Air Intake

By adjusting the air that travels through the base on certain drinks, the user can create either a lighter and more delicate taste or a flavor that is richer and bolder. This mechanism is great for experimenting with flavors and strengths.


The GIGA W3’s automation does not stop with the coffee-making process. For drinks that require it, the GIGA W3 will also gently heat milk and top off the beverage with a dollop of foam. The user can choose to add milk or foam to and selected drink by setting this function on the touch screen display panel. They can also choose how much milk or foam to add.

Jura 15089 GIGA W3 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine Review
Jura 15089 GIGA W3

Professional Grinder

The professional grinder of the GIGA W3 is built for durability in the face of a busy day of making coffee. The ceramic disks will not crack or chip from constant use, and the grinding system will crush coffee beans in a way that ensures the preservation of flavor.

The Rinsing Function

Rinsing the reservoir of the machine is very important if you use various kinds of coffee beans and frequently switch between them. Rinsing will ensure that the flavor of each bean is pure and not contaminated by the flavors of beans used in previous brews. The Jura GIGA W3, luckily, has a built-in rinsing feature to rid the machine of the remnants of previous coffee beans.

The Cleaning Function

The cleaning function of the GIGA W3 is as automatic as the coffee-making process, making cleanup all the more easy for the user. This process will rinse the reservoir between uses of the machine, and also tackles the various other components. This assists in machine maintenance and ensures pure and powerful flavors for each and every cup to follow.

Jura 15089 GIGA W3 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine
Jura 15089 GIGA W3

The Flat White Setting

A flat white espresso begins with a shot of coffee and is topped off with heated milk to create a sophisticated little layer of color and taste. This is a different process to the one required for other drinks, which frequently start with milk and then add coffee. The Jura GIGA W3 can make a flat white in only a few seconds.

Tank Capacity

The water tank of the Jura 15089 GIGA W3 can hold as much as 169 ounces of water. The bean reservoir can hold as much as 35 ounces. This means that plenty of cups can be made before it becomes necessary to refill either, which is hugely convenient for a busy office or a social gathering.

Aroma Preservation Cover

The aroma preservation cover blocks out air from reaching the coffee beans, as this could reduce the flavor and the overall taste once they’ve been turned into a drink.

Jura 15089 Review
Jura 15089 GIGA W3

The Benefits of the Jura 15089 GIGA W3

  1. Unmatched performance ideal for professional use, large homes, and office spaces
  2. User-friendly, fully automated, and comprehensible
  3. Capable of producing 43 distinct beverages, including 12 specialty drinks designed by professionals
  4. Expert grinding and coffee-making techniques
  5. Equipped with multiple useful features and functions for making the perfect brew
  6. Preserves and extracts flavor from coffee beans with great effect
  7. Simple but sophisticated programming for both coffee-making and cleaning
  8. Programmable for user preferences
  9. Sturdy and high-quality components for long-term use
  10. Stylish appearance and design

The Downsides of the Jura 15089 GIGA W3

  1. Costly compared to other machines, including other Jura models
  2. Users a lot of counter space
  3. The coffee spout is not adjustable, so some coffee cups may not fit beneath
  4. Only 5 grind settings
  5. Variety of options makes designing the right coffee fairly difficult
  6. No milk carafe
Jura 15089 Automatic Coffee Machine
Jura 15089 GIGA W3

Is the Jura GIGA W3 the Right Product for You?

The high price for the Jura GIGA W3 is very reasonable when you consider all of the machine’s capabilities. With high-quality components and incredibly quick and efficient operation, this device is great for constant and consistent use. It is most ideal for coffee shops, small businesses, office spaces, and large households.

Therefore, if you live in a smaller space and are just looking for a machine to make coffee for you in the morning, you might go with a smaller model designed for personal use.

Jura 15089 GIGA W3
Jura 15089 GIGA W3


The Jura 15089 GIGA W3 is great for everyone from coffee lovers to business owners to office employees. This machine provides both quality and variety and is incredibly simple to navigate considering all of its capabilities. Professionals love this device, and the quality it puts out, so we are confident that you will be hugely satisfied if you choose to invest in this machine as well.

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