Jura 15068 Impressa C65 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

During a busy morning, a casual coffee drinker couldn’t care less about the sophistication of their coffee. Instead, they look for a machine which can fulfill their caffeine desires when they don’t have time to stand in line in at a coffee shop. A coffee fanatic does not need to look any further because Jura is the key to having coffee even at the most inconvenient of times.

For anyone who is looking for a mouth-watering espresso, the Jura Impressa C65 is the answer. Even though this machine does not offer an elaborate level of coffee brewing found in high-end cafes, the quality of each espresso is never compromised, providing a delicious drink every time. There is no question that Jura products are costly and the Imprressa C65 is no different, in spite of being one of the lower tiered products Jura offers. It costs a couple hundred dollars more than an average coffee machine, however, the hefty price is compensated by its excellent features.

Since the 1980s, this Swiss Company has been the leader in super-automatic espresso machine designs. They also have been producing coffee machines since the 1930s. There are only a few other companies that can compete with Jura’s excellence in regards to the creation and design of coffee machines.

Jura has a tradition of thoughtful design, convenient functionality and fine craftsmanship, which, the Impressa C65 does not abandon. A new world of Jura’s espresso creation is introduced to coffee lovers through the C65, raising the stakes for coffee drinking adventures everywhere. Whilst retaining the simplicity of the Impressa series, C65 has been created with a similarity to the GIGA branch of professional coffee machines. This allows people to customize their own favorite beverages.

The barista-like nature of this product’s milk-based coffees also come from the fine foam technology incorporated in this machine.

The features of the Jura C65 include the following:

Simplified Operation:
The basic espresso machine controls are simplified by the C65, which turns the rotary switch into an intelligent, one-touch operating concept. Eleven different languages are also featured on the plain text display of this machine.

Adjustable Spout Height:
From a minimum height of 2.6 inches to a maximum height of 4.4 inches, the coffee spout is adjustable to fit different cup sizes.

Jura Coffee Machine Milk Frother:

Jura C65 has a unique frother attachment that creates a light, feather-like froth. The attachment is unlike any found in other machines.

Adjustable Coffee Strength:

The strength of each coffee cup is changeable. It is a convenient feature that caters to different kinds of individuals. This is an excellent attribute for those who love to have their friends over for a quick cup of joe.

Hot Water:
This device also has a function for dispensing hot water. It is a feature which is convenient for diluting espresso to create an americano, or other non-coffee based hot beverages, such as hot chocolate. This is a great space saver for those who live in tight spaces like condominiums, and removes the need for a separate hot water pot or kettle.

Thermoblock Heating System:
This machine has a shorter warm-up time thanks to the Thermoblock feature. Water can be heated immediately for a single cup, as opposed to waiting for a whole pot or kettle of water to be heated.

15 Bar High-Performance Pump:
This model boasts a 15-bar pump. Together with the Thermoblock system, the high-pressure pump creates a condition for preparing better espresso shots. Despite the industry’s standards being lower than 15 bars of pressure, with the right variables, superior espressos can be made. These variables may include, but are not limited to, an individual’s skill, the beans, the grind size, and the machine’s quality.

With the following product dimensions, 16.1 x 11 x 13.6 inches, this model is one of Jura’s compact models. This also makes it great for counter spaces that are small or tight.

Ease of Operation:
The simple operation of the C65 machine is one of its most talked-about features. However, because this is a new technology, there will be quite the learning curve in order to use this machine.

Quality Consistency:

The capability to produce quality cups of coffee every time is a necessary aspect when looking into one of the best espresso machines. If these aspects do not meet the set expectations, there are only a very few other selling points that could redeem its high value.

Customization Options:
There are three different areas in which customization is offered. First, the strength of the coffee. The amount of beans to be ground and brewed is customizable. Second, the water infusion process has a customization option which allows each consumer to choose whether they want a lighter brew or a darker brew. Finally, another customization option allows consumers to adjust the temperature of their coffee. These features are very agreeable, especially from the perspective of a new user. Any coffee lover can enjoy their customized cup of coffee based on their own preference because of these three customization options.

Machine Aesthetics and Form Factor:
A sleek and modern look was combined to create the C65. Though it may not attract those who look for intricate details, those who seek a more minimalistic design may prefer this machine.

Like all other machines, the Jura C65 has both its pros and cons:


  • A digital display and the smart rotary switch work together to present the coffee settings and menu options.
  • A lighter and thinner milk foam matching drinks from specialty shops is produced.
  • There is an adjustable height for the coffee spout of over four inches.
  • Coffee and other drinks can be made in three or less steps.
  • The frothing attachment, which can froth milk in each cup or distribute cream into a cup, also gives access to the water tank.
  • There are multiple settings and fineness levels in the Conical Burr grinder, which produces very similar coffee grinds to that of a commercial grinder.
  • A small hose for steaming milk for certain types of drinks is included.
  • Users are given the option to customize their drinks based on the strength of their coffee and the aroma level.
  • There is a limited amount of maintenance necessary (depending on how often it is used).
  • Clean up is made easy using consumer purchasable tablets, which use the water inside the machine, are used to clean it.


  • It is necessary that the internal components are checked first and some other parts are rinsed before the first brew.
  • The maximum temperature is 160 degrees Fahrenheit, but this can drop to about 120 degrees if the machine is used regularly.

Final Verdict
A splendid coffee system, the Jura Impressa C65 Automatic Coffee Machine comes in a compact design. This model is most recommended for people or consumers living in smaller units such as apartments, or those who reside with coffee lovers. All the beans and water required for creating multiple cups can be stored in this device’s large tank and bean hopper. There is a good amount of space as well for holding the milk for cappuccinos and other similar drinks. Although the C65’s fine foam frother does not work in the exact manner some people would like it to, for those who wish for a little foam or milk to go along with their morning coffees, this frother is perfect.

Jura Impressa C65
Jura Impressa C65
Jura Impressa C65
Jura Impressa C65
Jura Impressa C65
Jura Impressa C65
Jura Impressa C65
Jura Impressa C65
Jura Impressa C65

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