Best Coffee For Non Coffee Drinkers

Where would we be without coffee? I, personally, would probably still be in bed, but that’s not the point. The point is that many of us rely heavily on coffee to get us through our day. However, if you are new to the wonders of coffee and don’t quite know where to start, things can get a little overwhelming. After all, coffee is an acquired taste and there are so many options to choose from. Most of us drink it for the effect more than the taste anyway. If you think that you could use a boost in the morning but want to start with some lighter, more palatable flavors to get you in the club, look no further! This list has everything you need.

1. The Mocha
The mochaccino is a favorite among those with a sweet tooth or who are new to coffee altogether and need to be eased in with a light and delicious beverage. The name of the drink stems from Italy, a combination of the words for ‘coffee’ and ‘chocolate’ and that’s exactly what the drink provides.

Mochas are the product of a shot of espresso mixed with hot chocolate and covered in a fluffy layer of foam. It feels like a warm, comforting winter drink but with the added benefit of a shot of caffeine to give you that needed boost.

If you are trying to get into coffee drinking, the mocha is a great place to start, since it will slowly introduce you to coffee and build up your enjoyment of the coffee flavor over time. The pleasant sweetness combined with the coffee aroma will ingratiate coffee to you more and more after every drink. Mochas are also thick and hearty, making them incredibly satisfying on cold days.

Another benefit of the mocha, though, is the fact that it is a satisfying drink when hot but just as pleasing as a frozen coffee too. Chocolate lovers will go mad for it either way.

2. The Coffee Frappe
A coffee frappe will delight the tastebuds with a smooth combination of coffee, ice, milk, and sugar, all blended together into a sweet and satisfying beverage. This drink is perfect for getting a sweet tooth familiarized with the coffee flavor, while not putting them off with the notorious bitterness of stronger coffee drinks.

The frappe feels almost like a savory diary smoothy and is delicious both hot and chilled. An added benefit is that this particular beverage is incredibly simple to make, meaning you won’t always have to visit the local cafe if you’re feeling in the mood for a tasty and uplifting treat. All you need to do is blend a chilled espresso with some milk, add the amount of sugar you’d like, and create a sweet and morish blend in no time.

3. The Caffé Latte
As the name suggests, a caffé latte is the amalgamation of coffee and a large portion of steamed milk. With a shot of espresso, this beverage is palatable to those who aren’t big coffee drinkers, but it still provides the energy that we all look for in a brew.

The large quantity of milk in this drink greatly decreases the bitterness of the espresso portion, making this an easy drink for newbies to the coffee world. It also has a deeply gratifying and silky texture, and the delightful coffee aroma will surely warm you up to the idea of coffee and get you ready for stronger drinks in the future.

There are non-coffee-based lattes out there as well, such as the mocha latte or chai latte, for those who simply can’t get into the coffee flavor or have all the natural energy they need (must be nice). However, for the rest of us sleep-deprived mortals, the caffé latte is a tasty treat that acts as a superb pick-me-up to boot.

4. The Caramel Macchiato
Things are getting exciting. Adding pumps of caramel to your coffee sort of feels like the adult equivalent of a kid in a candy store. The user can choose their ratio of caramel, milk, vanilla syrup, and, for a hot day, ice to add to their coffee. You just can’t help but feel a little snazzy and important will all these pleasant additions.

Non-coffee drinkers will love the addition of sweet caramel to fight back the bitterness of their coffee-based beverage. It’s no surprise, then, that these drinks are popular among coffee addicts and casual drinkers alike.

The traditional Caramel Macchiato makes use of hot milk and foam to top things off, but, more recently, iced caramel macchiatos have become the rage. People just can’t set aside this addicting, creamy drink no matter the weather outside.

5. The Pumpkin Spice Latte
Quite ironically, no pumpkins are used in the making of most pumpkin spice. Rather, pumpkin spice is a combination of traditional fall spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, among others.

Some coffee providers such a Starbucks may make use of some additional ingredients, including pumpkin puree, but regardless of all of this, the pumpkin spice latte is a very popular choice amongst coffee consumers in the fall season.

With a sweet and unique flavor that overcomes the bitterness of the coffee and provides the drinker with a festive and delightful treat, the pumpkin spice latte is a great choice for those who are at the very start of their introduction to the world of coffee. These drinks are pretty easy to make yourself, as you can often purchase pumpkin spice and make your own concoctions. However you go about it, you are sure to end up with a playful and delicious beverage to get you through the colder seasons.

6. The Cappuccino
This drink is a classic that can be ordered at just about any restaurant or cafe. A step forward in the coffee journey, being significantly stronger than the beverages listed above, the cappuccino remains a favorite among those new to coffee on account of its sweet flavor and satisfying, foamy texture.

A cappuccino is the combination of espresso and steamed milk in a petite, elegant little cup. These drinks are significantly smaller than the lattes or mochas mentioned above, and generally do not come in cold form. However, there are still a number of ways to play around with the classic cappuccino, and many cafes use the foam to create pleasing little artworks on the top of the drink or add a multitude of delicious spices like cinnamon for an extra pop. The customer can even order a pump of chocolate syrup if they’re craving something extra sweet.

Being a light little beverage, the cappuccino can fulfill the cravings of the drinker without being overwhelming. A cappuccino is satisfying and won’t leave you feeling overly full or like you have overindulged.

7. French Vanilla
Is there anything that sounds more gratifying than a pod of French vanilla added to, well, anything? What about a coffee with a delectable aroma and whisked cream to top it off?

French vanilla is a beautiful addition to light or medium roast coffee and mixes perfectly with a plethora of other inviting flavor additions, like caramel.

French vanilla can be added through artificial flavoring, but there’s nothing quite like the real and natural French vanilla pod to get that refreshing and classical flavor on the tip of your tongue. If you are new to coffee, this drink will no doubt stimulate your nostalgic feelings towards fall the vanilla treats of your youth like frosting and ice cream.

8. Hazelnut
Hazelnut is, in general, an acquired taste. But, once mixed with coffee, there is something incredibly satisfying about the rich and hearty flavor you end up with.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that you will have difficulty finding a cafe around the world that doesn’t make use of hazelnuts to tantalize their customers. It is an option in pretty much any kind of coffee, from plain black to a fancy latte.

Those new to coffee will absolutely love the warm and oaky embrace of a hazelnut-infused beverage and it’s a great place to start altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Coffee Out There for First Time Coffee Drinkers?

A caffé latte is a safe choice if you are unsure of where to start on your first entry into the local café. The large amount of steamed milk greatly reduces the bitterness of the espresso shot and makes this beverage very palatable to those unused to the taste of coffee. Despite the mild flavor, however, this beverage loses nothing when it comes to the caffeine, so you will still get that boost of energy that most coffee drinkers are looking for.

Although the caffé latte is a great place to start, it isn’t overly convenient for daily life. These drinks are made using espresso machines, meaning they can’t be mimicked cheaply at home without some investment in a fancy coffee maker.

An easier option, if you don’t want to visit the café every day or buy a fancy machine, is the classic cappuccino, which requires just an espresso shot or two and frothed milk. These pack a more powerful coffee taste than the lattes, however, so if you are still getting into coffee, they may not be ideal.

Is it Possible to make Coffee that Doesn’t Have the Standard Coffee Flavor?

If the taste of coffee just isn’t for you but you still want a caffeinated drink to start your day, there are certainly ways to achieve this.

Different roasts of coffee beans pack different levels of flavor. Dark roasted coffee beans are far more bitter than their medium roast and light roast counterparts and would not be ideal if you are trying to reduce the coffee flavor in your drink. A person who isn’t fond of the strong coffee taste should, therefore, choose light roasts.

In addition to the roast, the user should also familiarize themselves with the different kinds of coffee beans available to them. Some are significantly more bitter than others. Coffee is produced by Robusta and Arabica plants. The former type of coffee plant is often less bitter than the latter, meaning that those who want a less bitter drink should choose coffee produced by the Arabica plant. The downside of this, however, is that this is the more costly option as these plants tend to require more maintenance.


If you believe it’s time that you get introduced to the world of coffee, you are certainly in for a treat. There are many kinds of coffee and all sorts of delicious additions to choose from. In order to find out what you like, try things out! Eventually, you will find the perfect drink for you, and you may even develop your tastes and broaden your palate along the way.

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