Are Jura Coffee Makers Worth the Money?

Many of us can’t imagine starting our day without coffee. It becomes part of our daily habits and brings a sense of comfort and clarity. Not all of us are picky about our coffee, and some of us drink for the effect more than the taste. But for those of us who don’t settle for anything other than the best, an espresso machine is a must-have. Gone are the days of instant coffee, as a high-quality espresso can be just as quick when you’re working with Jura machines.

Jura is well known for their coffee machines, but they are also known to be very pricy. Whether or not you are willing to accept the cost for one of their espresso machines depends on what you are looking for and how willing you are to have to learn to navigate such a machine, which is potentially less simply than simply spooning some coffee into a cup and adding hot water. Your budget is also a necessary consideration.

If you are a professional barista or prefer the control that comes with extracting your own coffee, Jura machines may not be for you, as they are fully automatic. You may be better off dealing with the technicalities of a manual machine.

If, however, you love the idea of having a delicious cup of coffee within a few seconds and all at the tap of a button, then a Jura machine may just be the right fit. Jura machines don’t require any kind of skill or technical knowledge of lattes or macchiatos. It does the whole coffee-making process for you, from bean to cup. The machine will even alert the user to any maintenance requirements, such as the need for a filter change or the need to rinse and clean the bean reservoir. It will also let you know when it is time to restock the bean hopper.

About Jura

Jura is a Swiss company that has taken over the automatic coffee machine realm for the last few decades. They have what feels like an endless range of products, and they are constantly developing their products to keep up with the times and the needs of their consumers. When it comes to both function and cosmetics, Jura machines blow consumers away. With their simple and precise designs and their stylish appearances, Jura machines provide the best in terms of both aesthetics and longevity of use.

Founded in 1931, Jura was initially a developer and distributor of household appliances in general. The founder, Leo Henzirohs, most likely had no intention of finding the niche of the company in coffee makers. However, it so happened that Jura’s coffee machines gained popularity and they have, as a result, phased out many of their other products.

The Quality of Jura Coffee Machines

Jura’s focus on premium automatic coffee machines has given them a competitive edge in this niche, and the Company has only continued to grow and develop in recent times. Each and every coffee machine that Jura puts out is more refined and capable than the last, and Jura had shown no signs of slowing down. This may be due to the number of employees in the company that are dedicated to technically pristine products.

Some of the main focuses of Jura, when it comes to developing a new machine, are as follows: the device must be simple and comprehensive, capable of being used by consumers of any age and background. The machines must also be highly straightforward in order to reduce the efforts on the part of the user. This is achieved with the fully automated coffee-making process, and the capabilities of many Jura models to connect to, and be controlled by, the user’s smartphone. This allows the user to get their coffee started without having to trek to the kitchen first or even get out of bed.

Although Jura’s commitment to function is evident, the design and appearance of their machines is also impressive. Jura makes use of high-quality components to ensure that their machines are long-lasting. Additionally, the machines are stylish in appearance and fit in perfectly in any modern kitchen.
Features of Jura Machines

1. The Aroma + Grinder
“Aroma”, in the realm of coffee, refers to how the grinds you use impact the coffee’s overall quality. If you look at the display screen on a Jura machine, you will likely see an icon with an image of coffee beans in the “Aroma” profile of the machine’s settings.

The Aroma affects the strength of the coffee on account of how finely ground the beans are. Most machines offer 5 unique grind settings, so the user can start on the lowest setting and determine how fine or course they prefer their grinds to be and how this impacts the flavor of their preferred beverage. Different Jura models have different grinders, but most are equipped with the Aroma + Grinder nevertheless.

2. The IPBAS
Jura’s Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System or ‘IPBAS’ is a process whereby small amounts of water are injected into the coffee before the brewing process commences. This is not unlike pour-over coffee, whereby a small amount of water is used to moisten the ground coffee and pre-infuse it before the beverage is made. It probably sounds a tad complex, but it is actually a very simple process, and you might be surprised by what an impact it makes on the richness and flavor of the resulting cup of coffee.

3. The PEP
Jura’s Signature Pulse Extraction Process or ‘PEP’ uses advanced technology to extract more flavor in less time than it takes most other machines on the market. This is achieved by pumping small amounts of hot water at precise intervals into the coffee to pre-infuse it further. This further adds to the richness and flavor of the resulting beverage.

4. The CLARIS Filter System
The CLARIS filter provides the needed anti-scaling capabilities to ensure that the heating component remains free from the buildup of calcium deposits by filtering out any hard minerals. This reduces the risk of damage and ensures the longevity of the machine altogether.

5. Fine Foam Technology
The word ‘fine’ in this feature appears to be a double entendre. It refers, mainly, to the fact that Jura machines are equipped with a dual milk frothing system, meaning that the milk is frothed in two chambers before being gently deposited on the top of your latte. This system ensures that the foam is fine, light, and creamy in texture, but it is also fine in that it is a delicious addition to any espresso-based beverage.

6. The IWS
The Intelligent Water System or ‘IWS’ uses intelligent detection technology to identify the hardness of the water used in the machine and to check for any unwanted contaminants or chemicals so that they can be swiftly removed. It will alert the user to any issues or maintenance needs to ensure that the filter is replaced when needed, and it will also tell the user to start up an automatic cleaning cycle when necessary. This feature ensures that only purified and safe water is used, and that the quality of the coffee produced is nothing less than superb.

7. The TFT Display Screen
The Thin Film Transistor or ‘TFT’ display screen is used to program the machine and selected the user’s desired settings. This screen also sets out all of the types of coffee available as well as providing alerts, warnings, and instructions to the user. The machines often come with a touch screen, but the TFT is often equipped with a rotatory switch so that you can navigate the device as needed. Once you’ve selected your settings and the beverage you want, all you need to do is press a button to have your espresso ready in a few moments.

You can be assured that, if you buy a Jura machine, you will have quality coffee for years to come. Although each model has some benefits and downsides, all of them are reliable and make great coffee.

The most expensive model currently is the Jura Z6, as this machine is highly advanced and has a plethora of fantastic features and functions.

If you can do without some of the snazzy additions that come with the most expensive model, you may be interested in the Jura E8, which is moderately priced comparatively but still provides many features that users look for. It grants the user control over the programming of the machine and the design of their coffee through the machine itself or through an app. It has a wide array of features but remains simple and intuitive to use, making it a fan favorite.

If you are on a budget but still want good quality, the Jura D6 is less costly than the models mentioned above, and it still includes a milk frothing system in spite of this. This makes this particular model great value for money, as you still get a wide selection of beverages and precise functionality, even if you don’t get all of the fun additions that more expensive models boast of. If you like some dairy in your drinks but don’t need much more, this model is the one for you.

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